The Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks - The Swinging Sticks Image

The Swinging Sticks is a double pendulum constructed of aluminum arms that appear to effortlessly defy the laws of physics and gravity as they fluidly glide through the air.

While deceptively simple in its design, the Swinging Sticks desk toy is crafted by expert artisans who precisely calibrate the sculptures arms to dance right above the surface of the plate.

This Smithsonian quality piece of modern art is sure to grab glances wherever it is placed.

Swinging Sticks in Iron Man 2

The Swinging Sticks - Iron Man - Pepper Potts Swinging Sticks Image

The Swinging Sticks Kinetic Energy Sculpture also appears in major motion pictures. If you've ever wondered what the kinetic desk toy from Iron Man 2 was that sat on the newly made Stark Industries CEO Pepper Potts desk, here it is.

The Swinging Sticks was shown in the scene where Tony Stark snuck into the office to steal his fathers Stark Expo plans. During a conversation with Pepper Potts, this magnetic desk ornament intrigued the iconic Tony Stark so much he couldn't stop fidgeting, even going so far as trying to wedge things in it to get it to stop rotating.

This executive desktop toy is an awesome way to showcase your own inner Tony Stark. What harassed him will certainly catch the eye of anyone who glances

The Swinging Sticks - Iron Man - Tony Stark Swinging Sticks Image

About the Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks kinetic energy sculpture was created in 1996 by two Germans who wanted to design a perpetual motion machine. For years they collaborated, calculated, and eventually made the perfect imitation.

Actual perpetual motion is currently deemed impossible, however this sculpture comes very close. The Swinging Sticks design really reflects the simplicity and ingenuity of German engineering.

As simple as the Swinging Sticks kinetic energy sculpture seems, there is actually a silent, delicate interplay of electromagnetic physics at work to power the arms. If you are interested in learning more about the physics behind this, click here to learn how the Swinging Sticks works.

The Swinging Sticks - Swinging Sticks Styles - Bamboo Swinging Sticks - Swinging Sticks Bamboo Base

The Swinging Sticks is now manufactured in Taiwan, and monthly production quantity is very limited due to the complexity and precision involved in construction. Most of the parts are bought from quality technology leaders such as the USA, Japan and Germany.

Each Swinging Sticks sculpture is hand crafted, and takes expert artisans almost a full day to make each sculpture. Every Swinging Sticks sculpture takes between 8-10 hours to achieve perfect balance and then are let to run for 7-10 days to ensure the highest product quality. If there are any fluctuations and the product is not absolutely perfect than it is destroyed because they cannot be repaired.

Counterfeit Sculptures

There are many websites that sell counterfeit Swinging Sticks sculptures for a fraction of the price that we sell them for. These websites are not authentic and we have the permission from the sole patent holders to sell these unique items.

All of these cheaper items on the internet are made of interior products and will not last as long. They are also not covered under the 5 year warranty.

Click here to learn more about counterfeit Swinging Sticks