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The Swinging Sticks - Classic Swinging Sticks
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About the Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks is a sophisticated museum-grade sculpture that appears to effortlessly defy the laws of physics and gravity. Watch as the silent, hypnotic motion of the arms entrances and removes you from all distractions.

Featured in Hollywood blockbusters such as Iron Man 2 and in museums, hotels, offices and shops all around the world, the Classic Swinging Sticks is the must have product for the design conscious consumer.

The Swinging Sticks was created in 1996 by two Germans who spent years perfecting the engineering and mechanics. If interested, you can learn more about the Swinging Sticks and its history click here.

How the Swinging Sticks Works

Are you wondering how the Swinging Sticks works?

The Swinging Sticks is really a feat of engineering. It appears to silently and endlessly move, existing in a state of perpetual motion.However, any student of science knows perpetual motion is not possible with our current level of engineering and physics.

Using a carefully calculated combination of electricity, magnetism, and gravity the Swinging Sticks is able to mimic perpetual motion to great effect. Interested in learning more about the science behind this sculpture? Click here to learn more about how Swinging Sticks works.

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