About the Swinging Sticks

The idea for the Swinging Sticks kinetic energy sculpture was originally conceived in 1996 by two Germans who wanted to design a perpetual motion machine. For years they collaborated, calculated, and eventually made the perfect imitation.

After creating a working prototype they began making small samples out of workshops in Germany and sending them around the world. The popularity of the product has grown over time and the Swinging Sticks is now sold internationally to nearly every country on the planet.

In order to cope with the increasing demand for the product the manufacturing was eventually moved to Taiwan, where skilled artisans were able to increase the volume of sculptures produced.

Manufacturing Process

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Even despite moving the manufacturing process to Taiwan, monthly production quantity is still very limited due to the complexity and precision involved in construction. Most of the parts are bought from quality technology leaders such as the United States, Japan and Germany.

Swinging Sticks in Iron Man 2

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By 2010 the Swinging Sticks was reaching the heights of it popularity as the director of Marvel's Iron Man 2 chose to feature the sculpture as a plot device in the blockbuster. If you ever wondered what that sculpture was that got Tony Stark all aggravated in his office, well this is it.

How the Swinging Sticks Works

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The physics and engineering behind the Swinging Sticks is nothing short of impressive. Using the laws of electromagnetism to create a moving kinetic sculpture, there is something very unique about the Swinging Sticks.

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