The Swinging Sticks - Customized Swinging Sticks

This customization allows you to engrave your companies logo on the base or the arms, along with changing the shape of the sculpture itself!. If you want to order a customized Swinging Sticks sculpture, there are many options available.

All customized Swinging Sticks cost a flat rate, as there are many different options to choose from. Virtually everything but the arms themselves can be removed and customized. Even the arms can be engraved with your company logo or design!.

Customization Options

+ Plate Engraving $50

The Swinging Sticks - Plate Engraving


One of the most basic customization pieces that we offer is the addition of a small metal plate with your companies logo or other message on it.

These Swinging Sticks are perfect for office buildings and corporate head quarters. We will send you a preview of the Swinging Sticks before they are even created to ensure customer satisfaction.

+ Arm Engraving $50

The Swinging Sticks - Plate Engraving


Another basic customization is the addition of a logo or engraving of your companies logo or name to the arms. This can also be a personal name, or any other message you want.

These Swinging Sticks make ideal graduation, birthday or wedding presents.

Write a small phrase wishing them well and they will have a personalized item for life!

We will send you a preview of the Swinging Sticks before they are even created to ensure customer satisfaction.

+ Dual Engraving $75

The Swinging Sticks - Dual Engraving


Want both the plate and the arms engraved with your message or logo? Well buy one and get the other half off with this option.

This is for the customer who really wants to make their Swinging Sticks unique.

For example we can put your companies logo on one arm of the Swinging Sticks, with your motto or mission statement on the other arm.

Then on the base we can engrave your companies colorful logo. This would make the perfect business gift or present for your CEO.

+ Base Change $100

The Swinging Sticks - Base Change


One of the more unique things that we can do at the Swinging Sticks is customize the base that your sculpture rests on.

Love your country? Love your state? What about your favorite football team?

Anything is possible with this customization. We will do our best to work with you to create a workable solution to whatever concept you can imagine.

+ Triangle Change $100

The Swinging Sticks - Triangle Base Change


It is also possible to remove the triangle center piece of the Swinging Sticks and replace it with whatever you want.

Want your companies logo as the center piece of the Sticks? We can do that.

Simply want a custom Swinging Sticks that will make people really wow at it, then look no further.

We will work with you to 3-D model your concept for the triangle change and send you product views so it will match your exact specifications.

+ Full Customization $250

The Swinging Sticks - Swinging Sticks Full Customization


The full customization is for the real corporate elite. The full customized Swinging Sticks involve changing all of the following components in any way you can imagine.

Arm and Plate Engraving

Base Change

Triangle Change

Executive Wooden Carrying Case

For this option we will work with you to create a 3-D model of your design beforehand so there is no discrepancies between your idea and the finished product. If you can imagine it we will help you create it.