Desktop Toy Swinging Sticks

The Swinging Sticks - Desktop Swinging Sticks
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The Desktop Toy Swinging Sticks is a sleep, sophisticated and affordable accent that spins endlessly and hypnotically for all to see. It is a real eye catcher and the sticks swing in seemingly perpetual motion and seem to defy gravity and all laws of physics. It is manufactured by the original creators of the Classic Swinging Sticks featured in Iron Man 2 and at $98.00 USD this slightly smaller product features the same great quality and craftsmanship.

The Swinging Sticks Desktop Toy is constructed with a high quality ABS plastic base which are individually inspected to meet the high quality expectations of the manufacturer. This model comes with a 3 year warranty and requires 4x AA batteries which will power the Swinging Sticks for up to 3 months of use.

See the full specs of the Desktop Toy Swinging Sticks here.

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