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We are here to help. Before you send us an email we have compiled a huge list of nearly every question a customer has asked us into the FAQ below.

If you still have not found the answer to your question, please email us using the secure form on the right hand side.

We reply to all support emails within 24-48 hours due to differences in time zones.

Please note, a common fix to many of the problems related to the Swinging Sticks not working is included below. All of the available do-it-yourself fixes for the Swinging Sticks can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Shipping

+ 5 Year Warranty

5 Year Warranty

See 5 Year Warranty

The Swinging Sticks are covered by a 5 year manufacturer's warranty against all product defects and design flaws. For an idea of how often this happens, there has been less than a 0.01% defect rate in the past 11 years of production. Virtually every Swinging Sticks is hand-inspected for perfection before leaving the factory.

If you require assistance with your warranty, please be sure to include in your order both your Paypal transaction number or order number and serial number that is on both the box and the sculpture.

+ Sticks Not Working

Swinging Sticks Not Working

See Swinging Sticks Not Working

If your Swinging Sticks stops acting normally and either starts making noises or appears to have "lost its energy" do not worry. Sometimes the Sticks just need to be pushed on and the problem will be fixed. Sometimes the arms are lose or not aligned and need to be properly placed back on. Click here to learn more about Swinging Sticks not working and how to fix them.

+ Swinging Sticks Specs

+ Customization


See Customization

Another option that some customers wish to take however is to make a customized Swinging Sticks. This option is more expensive but can have great results.

Click here to see all the different options for customization of your Swinging Sticks sculpture here.

+ Payment Security

Payment Security

We take all steps to protect your confidential contact and payment information. To begin with, we never store your credit card information. Your confidential contact information is protected by both industry leading encryption and physical safeguards such as keycard access and authentication on our end.

You can trust us not to lose your information like so many big chain stores out there. We do not store any personal information after the transaction is complete. If you wish to view our privacy policy, click here for more information.

+ Counterfeit Swinging Sticks

Counterfeit Swinging Sticks

See Counterfeit Swinging Sticks

There are many cases of counterfeit Swinging Sticks sculptures on the market today. These counterfeit products are made of inferior materials and will not last as long as the authentic Swinging Sticks kinetic energy sculpture. We warn anyone against buying these products as they are not covered under our 5 year warranty or 60 day guarantee.

The Swinging Sticks - Counterfeit Swinging Sticks

These products are in violation of both United States and International patents, so buying them is also illegal. If you bought a fake Swinging Stick sculpture, contact us below and tell us where you got it so we can remove these infringers from the internet. Click here to learn more about counterfeit Swinging Sticks.

+ Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

The Swinging Sticks - Wholesale Order

The Swinging Sticks is available for bulk purchase through the manufacturer and other authorized distributors, however we have a careful merchant vetting process. If you are interested in becoming a Swinging Sticks retailer or distributor, please send us a message through the contact form.

+ Refunds & Exchanges

Refunds & Exchanges

If you require a refund or exchange, please have the following pieces of information on hand before you contact us. Customers are responsible for all return postage as well as other shipping fees in regards to returned or exchanged items.

Opened returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

1) PayPal Order Number

2) Date of Purchase

3) Serial Number

4) Swinging Sticks Model Type

5) A note of specific problems

60 Day Guarantee

Please note you have 60 days from confirmed delivery to return the Swinging Sticks for any customer satisfaction issues and 5 years on any manufacturers defects.

This 60 days is only valid if you purchased the Sticks through this site. If you purchased them through Amazon, you must go through their process to get a refund. If a product is damaged or broken through Amazon we will only offer an exchange for a working Swinging Sticks under the 5 year warranty.

Fake Swinging Sticks

See Fake Swinging Sticks

Please do not try and exchange any fake Swinging Sticks as we will simply throw these away when we get them. It is very easy to distinguish between them.

Swinging Stick Troubleshooting:

If your Sticks were working properly when you first received them, they should continue to work properly.  There are really only three reasons for them to ever quit working properly.

1) The batteries run down.  But a good grade of batteries will usually last around 1 year or more.

2) The “sticks” and “A” frame are not perfectly aligned.

3) The surface the unit is sitting on is not level.

The “A” frame must be absolutely perpendicular to the base.

The sticks must be absolutely parallel to each other (equal distance apart along the entire length).

The sticks must be absolutely parallel to the “A” frame (equal distance apart along the entire length).

They can get out of adjustment during assembly, when taken apart for moving purposes, people playing with the arms, the unit falls over and cats batting the sticks.  What happens is that the pin at the top of the “A” frame becomes slightly bent.

Please see the photo. This is an extreme example. But you can see that there is a larger gap between the big stick and the A frame at the top than there is at the bottom.

To adjust, just hold on to the long end of the big stick and gently push or pull, in or out, which will bend the pin.  Be very careful when you do this.  Do not over correct. Then check the alignment again.  The small stick should be perpendicular to the big stick also.