Swinging Sticks Physics


The Swinging Sticks sculpture works by mimicking a perpetual motion device through electrical currents and electromagnetic fields. Current physics state that real perpetual motion devices are impossible by modern technology.

However, one of the key principles in physics also states that moving electrons generates a magnetic field. This generated magnetic field is what powers the entire sculpture. The Swinging Sticks contains three coils that serve various functions.

How Swinging Sticks Works - Magnetic Field

Two of the electrical coils are involved with measuring the speed of the rotating sticks. The middle electrical coil is used to adjust the speed either faster or slower depending on the speed judged by the first and last coils.

Built into the arms of the Swinging Sticks are powerful neodym magnets. When these magnets pass through the magnetic field generated by the electrical coils, they are repulsed and get a "boost" of kinetic energy while shooting upwards before effortlessly spinning back down.

This process repeats over and over as long as a magnetic field is generated.

How Swinging Sticks Works - Magnetic Field Image

The position of the magnets must be extremely precise as not to waste motion or power. Conservation of energy is extremely important in the sculpture in order to provide longevity of battery life. The authentic Swinging Sticks contains state-of-the-art SFK bearings and special electrical components to reduce the amount of energy consumed.

This is why this sculpture requires 4 AA batteries, not to run a motor, because the sculpture is noiseless in its rotation but to provide an electric current. As long as there are batteries, this sculpture will run forever, endlessly spinning in a generated electromagnetic field. The real Swinging Sticks is manufactured to run for a significant period of time (2+ years) without requiring a change of batteries due to the quality of parts in the sculpture.

Swinging Sticks Mathematics

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