5 Year Warranty

The Swinging Sticks - Swinging Sticks 5 Year Warranty

In addition to providing a 60 day customer service warranty, there is also a 5 year manufacturers warranty provided on every sculpture that covers reasonable design defects in the sculpture. These warranties and guarantees are in place to show you how confident we are the sculpture will last for many years to come with no problems.

All of the perfect Swinging Sticks are hand inspected again before leaving the factory and must pass all quality control tests. The product you are getting is a 100%, perfect, hand made and unique product.

60 Day Guarantee

See 60 Day Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be impressed by the Swinging Sticks that we offer a conditional 60 day money back customer satisfaction guarantee for all of our products. That means that if the Swinging Sticks does not meet your expectations of quality and functionality we will completely refund your money.

Note: The 60 day guarantee only applies within a limited 2 month period that begins when the item is confirmed delivered and only applies to customer satisfaction. This does not cover breakage from excessive force or general destruction. The product must be returned in the original packaging and condition when received in order to get a refund.